FACT: Working 4 Days In a Week Enhances Productivity and Health

Our generation today works its ass out. It does pay sometimes, but not all the time. Maybe the trick lies in not working hard but working smart. In the fight of hard-working versus smart, smart always wins.


Apparently, the solution lies in our work schedule. A 4-day working week asides just making you happy could also make you healthy.


When you think of it deeply, this could be a smart tactic for start-ups to minimise their resource consumption and optimise productivity and employee satisfaction. You get to save on things like Electricity costs, Fuel or Diesel costs, and also have your employees work twice as hard in anticipation of a 3-day weekend!


In 2011, the state of Utah decided to follow a 4-day work week system. The working hours of state employees were extended to accommodate the new Monday to Thursday routine. Not only were the employees happier, absenteeism saw a significant drop and productivity was increased. Who would want to skip work when you have to go to office only 4 days a week anyway?

A similar experiment in Sweden saw a similar result – better health of workers and increased productivity.
Britain’s top doc John Ashton advocated a 4-day work week for better mental and physical health. The Guardian reported him saying, “We should be moving towards a four-day week because the problem we have in the world of work is you’ve got a proportion of the population who are working too hard and a proportion that haven’t got jobs. We’ve got a maldistribution of work. The lunch-hour has gone; people just have a sandwich at their desk and carry on working.”
The one thing that keeps most of us going through the week is the promise of a good weekend. Fridays are euphoric because hello sleepy Saturday! But still, there is no escaping the stress of the week.


We are young and raring to go, we are good at what we do, but we are stressed, unfit and anxious. Hypertension, heart problems, migraines, hormonal imbalances, premature balding and receding hairline – we are getting old faster than we should! While we try and eat healthy, frequent the gym regularly and even put a cap on the beer we drink, we are not immune to work stress. Meanwhile, the hairline continues to recede.
Hope bosses across the world are listening!

Written by thatbluebook in September 4, 2017
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