7 New Features That Will Stand The iOS 11 Apart

August 14, 2017

Apple has been tweaking the iOS 11 experience on the iPhone 8 and it is expected to bring forth a number of features that will enhance the smartphone in various ways. The open beta for the iPad has made the ...


Huawei Just Behind Apple & Samsung As World’s Highest Selling Smartphone

August 4, 2017

Apple has been touted as the 2nd highest selling smartphone company in the world but Chinese giants  Huawei was not that far from beating the highly coveted American brand. Apple sold 41 million smartphones in the last quarter while Huawei ...


Apple To Start US Tech Manufacturing Fund With $1Billion

May 12, 2017

Apple chief Tim Cook announced Apple is creating a fund to get more people in the US to do "advanced manufacturing," kicking it off with a billion dollars. Apple investing in high-tech manufacturing in the United States would come as rare ...