The Advantages Of Choosing Indigenous Products Over Imported Products

September 12, 2017

Nigeria, a diverse land of 150 Million Nigerians certainly is a big enough market for it's local merchants and their products.  But what is the situation in Nigeria? As regards purchasing of goods produced and manufactured in Nigeria? As the Naira ...


The Soul Series: Lead Like A Woman

August 23, 2017

   'How to Lead Like A Woman' As a woman, discovering your unique feminine power is a better route to success and the unveiling of your womanly potentials. In this series, I will be laying emphasis on the 'WONDER WOMAN'. From observation, a lot ...


Starting eCommerce For Your Fashion Business

August 10, 2017

If you've ever thought about starting an eCommerce store for your Fashion business this article has the essentials tools to help you achieve that. Times have changed and the new trend indicates that more Nigerian business are gradually shifting their businesses ...


Latif Madoi Is an Ugandan Fashion Designer That Creates Dresses In Few Minutes

July 27, 2017

In a world where made to measure has become a luxury even with seemingly available 'tailors', getting a designer to create a piece on the spot is seen like some sort of miracle (around here) but in Uganda, such a ...