What Life As A Working Mom Really Is Like

To be fair, I consider any mom a working mom. But those of us who hold down jobs with bosses (other than our kids) face some challenges that are quite different. This is what life as a working mom is to us, and to many.

Life as a working mom is …

  1. arguing with your husband, on a morning when your child is sick, over who’s going to take off from work (read: who has the crazier day at work) to get him to the pediatrician.
  2. having to take off a half day from work to attend your kid’s school event and wondering why the school thinks it’s OK to schedule events in the middle of the day.
  3. not feeling at all guilty that you consider buying “take away” food an essential part of your family’s meal.
  4. feeling entirely too excited about taking a bathroom break, because nobody is banging on the door and asking you where her favorite t-shirt is.
  5. wondering, once again, what your children think about you as you run out the door and they say, “Mum you forgot your phone/iPhone/purse/head!”
  6. not really having too much time to think or listen to what your kids have to say because you are determined to quickly get out of the house in order to get to work early. Especially if you work on the Island from the Mainland.
  7. freaking out when you see your child’s class teacher call you on a school day.
  8. feeling a little guilty that you have to do homework with them so late in the day when they’re a little tired … and you are, too.
  9. feeling the abundance of joy of how happy your kids are to see you when you walk in the door. And feeling a little sad on those days when they don’t even pick their heads up from their books or iPad to acknowledge your presence.
  10. … loving your children so much it hurts — yet being exceedingly happy when they are asleep. But then, that’s every mom.













Written by thatbluebook in October 30, 2017
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