Selfies Much More Than Just The New Autographs

Yes, we all agree that selfies are the new the autographs. In the grand scheme ofthings, however, selfies are much more than just autographs but big business.When you think about how the mobile technology sphere has been affected with the obsession of taking the perfect selfie, it only goes to show how powerful the selfie revolution has been.

From having the perfect selfie smartphone, the best photo editing apps and selfie accessories the list can go
on as to what entails taking the right selfie. Truth be told, selfie lovers are probably more creative than most
people think of them, since, they most likely edit their photos out on complicated camera editing software that some
smartphones provide. Though complicated for some, this is exactly what selfie lovers love, sincethey can edit out
their selfies to their own preferences and style, something that most of the today’s smartphones greatly offer on
their devices.

Mobile technology companies have also had to offer unique selfie-wise front camera features in a
bid to improve sales, customer affinity and satisfaction. An example is the LG G5,which has normal and wide-angle lenses, while the iPhone 7 plus has normal and telephoto lenses. We have also seen mobile companies basing their marketing campaigns around taking the right selfie.

Thinking about how much more technology and detail is put into producing the best selfie smartphone, this just further reiterates my earlier claim that selfies are much more than the new autographs but the new cash streaming

Written by thatbluebook in April 26, 2017
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