18 Signs That Show She’s Wifey Material

You are in a relationship with this girl and it feels perfect. She watches all your games with you, holds your hand, talks about you to her friends, your relationship is great and you just love being around her. You are starting to think maybe you should take your relationship to another level, but you are still not sure if she’s wifey material. 


 There is no such thing as the perfect girl and I don’t think you can make any girl into the perfect girl, she is only going to be “perfect” for you. Fairytales make you believe that there is a perfect princess somewhere in need of rescuing, well your girl is somewhere but she most likely doesn’t need rescuing. Men have to go through a number of princesses before they find the right one. Before you get me wrong, all girls aren’t princesses and all guys are not knights.  


Gone are the days a guy had to settle for a girl just because his and her parents are friends and they think they’ll be perfect together. Guys, you should be ready to do a bit of shopping – coming from a girl, don’t think the first girl you date will end up being your forever. One woman will come along and blow every girl you’ve ever been with before out of the water, this woman is a keeper. 


 How can you know that the woman you are dating is here to stay? Here are 18 signs that show the woman you are with is wifey material. 


When it comes to relationships, a lot of men sometimes find it hard knowing if the woman they like is wifey material.


  1. She is smart

Let’s call a halt to the day of only finding ‘dumb girls’ attractive and intelligent women intimidating. Intelligent men know that there is not sexier than dating a woman that’s smart. She’ll hold intelligent conversations and you’ll have respect for her. She honors her time and commitments with others and knows what she’s doing with her life. You’ll be proud to call her your girl.


  1. She trusts you

Trust is very important in every relationship. Calling 4-5 times a day may seem cute at the beginning but it gets tiring and annoying. It leaves the impression that she doesn’t trust you and you need trust if you want your relationship to move forward.


  1. She does her own thing

She doesn’t expect you to be her knight in shining armor all the time. She does her own thing and is independent. She can make intelligent decisions. She doesn’t expect you to pay for everything. She pays for dates and also treats you to special things.


  1. She won’t pretend

She won’t pretend just to make you like her. She won’t be afraid to be herself. There’s one thing about pretending and that is the fact that it will end one day. There is a limit to how long a person can pretend and I believe this comes with time.


  1. She is always there

She is always there for you and will even go the extra mile just for you. She is also very concerned about you and is not afraid to show it.


  1. She doesn’t hold grudges

Your girl shouldn’t hold grudges, because if you annoy her she is sure to pay you back. You can’t be in a relationship with someone who holds grudges because you’ll always have to be careful around her.


  1. She says what’s on her mind

She is not afraid to tell you what’s on her mind and she is not afraid of conflict. She is also mature enough to tell you things. Your girl should always tell you what’s on her mind and she should not be scared of how you are going to take it and if it’s going to lead to an argument. Conflict can be healthy for relationships.


  1. She is thoughtful and selfless

In this current age, this attribute is very rare, and if your girl has them she is a keeper.


  1. Your family and friends love her

The most important people in your life have met her and they love her. She also doesn’t make you choose between them and herself, she is a keeper.


  1. She never compares you to her ex

Your girl should never compare you to any of the previous men in her life. She has to understand that you can never be like them.


  1. You learn from her

The same way girls want to learn from their men, men should also be willing to learn from their partners. She can teach you different ways you can make your life better.


12 She is comfortable around you

You should be able to see all her layers. She should always be comfortable around you, not like she is in a prison not a relationship


  1. She balances you

This woman balances you out, she always supports you and you know she always has your back.


  1. She keeps life interesting and cheers you up

Your girl always keeps things interesting; she is spontaneous and loves to surprise you. she also everything possible to cheer you up if you down.


  1. She doesn’t force you to change

No woman should force you to change; you should love her deep enough to want to be a better man for her. A woman that forces you to change will only be a pest to you and not an asset.


  1. She talks about the future

Your partner should see a future with you if she wants to take things further. It should always be about the present with her.


  1. She loves you

Your partner loves you, tells you all the time and isn’t afraid to show it.


  1. Personal conviction

All the other points don’t matter if you are not convinced that your girl is a wifey material. What’s the point of her having all these qualities if you don’t love her or you are not sure if she is a keeper? If you are personally convinced that she is a keeper then she is.

Written by thatbluebook in April 21, 2017
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