5 Fashion Trends That Made Comebacks

History certainly has a way of repeating itself and we have seen this play out over the year with different fashion trends that made way to our present day. Check our list of 5 fashion trends that made comebacks.



From Brigitte Bardot to Kim Kardashian, a sexy flesh-toned lipstick is a trend that transcends bombshells of every generation. “A nude lip is always sexy,” Kardashian says.  And we agree! The pale color is great for balancing a dramatic eye but can make a statement worn on its own









Between the mod looks showcased by Twiggy and Ginnifer Goodwin, it seems that the only thing to change was each stars’ hair color! British model Twiggy was a trendsetter in her heyday, inspiring women everywhere to work a pixie cut with false lashes. Her influence continues, with Goodwin trying her hand at the look. A swipe of peach shadow along her lower lash line added a modern touch.








It has been decades since she debuted her tiara-adorned updo in Breakfast at Tiffany’s, but Audrey Hepburn’s timeless style choices continue to inspire the looks of today. Case in point: Jennifer Lopez’s oversized bun at the 2012 Academy Awards. Although the star went sans hair accessory and choppy fringe, the style’s Holly Golightly vibe was undeniable.







In the midst of the disco era, Diana Ross formed her natural curls into a trendy rounded coiff, acting as a hair muse for women in the ’70s. Today’s version, as seen on Solange Knowles, packs the same amount of volume, but with a more effortless texture. “Natural hair has the versatility of being able to do so many things,”








Deep Bordeaux lipsticks had a serious moment on the fall and winter runways, but the wine lip trend was popular as early as the 1920s and ’30s, spotted on stars like Clara Bow. The color is a dead ringer for the wine shade Anne Hathaway wore to the New York City premiere of Les Miserables.


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