9 Different Types of Annoying People

Annoying people are everywhere. They are on your phone, in your email, airplanes, probably even board the same bus with you. Maybe they talk too loud and too often on their cell phones, or maybe they have an annoying habit of disappearing into the restaurant bathroom as soon as the check arrives. While you can’t control them, you can control how you deal with annoying people. Take a look at these 10 types of annoying people and see if you recognize anyone you know.


1. Empty Pockets

This annoying person loves the good life. Unfortunately, they can’t afford it. The person with the empty pockets will constantly borrow money, but make it look like an afterthought as in, “I forgot my wallet – can you get this and I’ll pay you back?” These annoying people will still find excuses so they won’t have to pay you back, yet they still want to borrow more. I resemble your father ni.


2. The Braggart 

These annoying people constantly have to tell you how great they are doing at work, how amazing their child is doing at school, even the fact that their dog got top honors at obedience school. No matter what good news that you have to share, The Braggart will always be able to one-up you and come up with even better news.


3. Mr Personal Information

These are some of the most annoying people at work. They constantly engage you in conversation about their personal lives and personal problems, offering way too much information. If this person is your superior, it can be even more uncomfortable. If you have to listen, do so politely and don’t offer any advice – they don’t want it. At the same time, don’t offer any personal information of your own as fodder. Remember, the closest relative of Mr Personal Information is Mrs Gossip.

4. Rampant BC senders

These people insist on sending you broadcast messages all the time. They keep sending you annoying long messages you will never read. Thank God for the delete button


5. Improper User of Cell Phones 
This is quickly becoming one of the top annoying things people do. If you’ve ever been in line behind one of these types, you can overhear the most intimate details of their lives until they reach the checkout, at which time they will most likely continue their conversation. Not only is it annoying, but it is rude to the people they are dealing with. If you want to experience this full force, just enter a danfo bus in Lagos.



6. Airplane Irritator
The natural habitat of these annoying people is most commercial airliners, particularly if they are overbooked. The Irritator will plop right down next to you and start talking even before the plane takes off. They will tell you about their travel, what they’ve seen, and many irrelevant details of their personal lives as if you are their very closest friend. The best way to avoid annoying people like this is to head them off before they get started.


7. The Unwanted Adviser 
These annoying people know absolutely everything about everything and are more than willing to share that knowledge with you. If you have children, they will regale you with advice about how to raise them properly whether they’ve had experience or not. They are the relationship experts, the doctors, they literally know everything. I tell you to say I need adviser ni?


8. Irritating In-Laws 
You know them. They butt in at every available opportunity with impolite questions. When are you going to have children? What were you thinking when you bought that couch?

The best thing about these in-laws is that the person with the blood relationship has to deal with them, and that lets you off the hook most of the time.


9. The Annoying Salesperson 
Annoying sales people are unavoidable at some point in your life. They are largely, but not always, focused on larger purchases such as cars, furniture etc. They treat you like it’s not your money you want to pay.  If you are irritated and can’t get any satisfaction by complaining to a manager, vote with your feet and walk out the door as fast as possible.


Annoying people are a part of modern life, and new technology is making the problem worse every day. If you have any of these annoying people in your life, a good offence is your best defence. Think of ways to avoid them before you get cornered in an annoying situation. Just because people are annoying doesn’t mean you have to put up with it.
Do you know any other type of annoying people? Kindly share in the comment box below, thank you.


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