8 Feelings Only Workaholics Can Relate To

1. You are not anti-social. You are just pro-work.
You hardly have any time to interact with anybody on a social level because they have gotten so used to seeing you been engrossed on your laptop or mobile phone. And no wonder they think that you are probably an introvert – that’s just a myth! You are just having too much fun working to socialize.


2. When you take a break from work, you spend the spare time working.
All your loved ones are telling you to go on a vacation but you don’t seem to understand them. You thrive in a high-pressure environment and would probably be bored to death without any stress. You’d rather take your work along with you wherever you go.


3.You worship your work, Literally!
You know how those religious nuts chant their god’s name right after they wake up and right before they go to sleep? Well, you recall your work quota in the very same way – and with as much devotion.


4.You secretly love the extra work your boss dumps on you.
For those confused, NO you are not a masochist. You just love professional challenges way more than people normally do.


5. You do not understand people who complain about their workload.
Choose a job that you love and you never have to work another day in your life, right? This adage was tailor-made for you, and you just do not understand why anyone would choose a profession they are not passionate about!


6.You cannot remember the last time you showed up to a social event on time on a workday.
Your friends and family are so used to your excuse of ‘there was a lot of work at the office’ that they do not even ask the reason for your showing up a couple of hours late anymore.


7.You fidget and you’re impatient if there is no work.
You are wired in a way that makes it impossible for you to waste away time like other people love to. You are happier having a task at hand than just sitting around wasting time.


8.Work hard and party harder!
Unlike those who love partying more than work, when you decide to have some fun you go all the way! And that is because you are so pumped from all that work you just go let it out. And seriously, you earned it.

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