5 Things You Should Be Doing In Your Twenties Instead Of Trying To Find ‘Love’

Nobody can ever understand love completely. Its effect differs from people to people. It makes some people grow and it ruins some forever. The only one thing you need to know about love is that it happens when you’re least expecting it. So, why bother looking for it so hard?


1. Travel
Travel more and see all that exists out there. That time is now when you just pack your bags, travel the world and discover yourself. It changes you, it really does. And who knows, maybe during one of these journeys, you’ll find someone you can make everlasting memories with.

2. Find your Fit In Life
You don’t need a partner to complete you. All you need to find is that spark inside you, the thing that makes you different from everyone else – your own life fit. So find that passion and let it make you fall in love with yourself!

3. Meet New People
Don’t wait for the perfect one. There is no perfect one. Sometimes, the people aren’t right and sometimes, the time isn’t. It’s futile to chase something you can’t see. Don’t believe in types. Nobody has a type. Meet new, interesting people. Hear stories you’ve never heard before. Have conversations. Open up to people you rarely know. Love happens in the unlikeliest of places.


4. Work Out
Get fit. Look good. Nothing feels better than discovering the strength of your own body. Friends and boyfriends/girlfriends are going to come and go; the only thing that will stay with you is your body. Make it worth staying in.

5. Hang Out With Your Friends More
The worst part of growing up is losing your friends. Instead of trying too hard to impress women, plan a night out with your bros every week and get f*ckin drunk. Spend time with those who actually matter. Without them, those rejection stories won’t be half as fun!

Image by © Michael Patrick O’Leary/Corbis

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