10 Psychological Hacks To Make Any Woman Fall For You

Impressing a woman is probably one of the toughest things in the world, unless you look like Brad Pitt. But it’s not always about good looks. Wooing a woman is an art. It is a game of charm, wit, and intelligence. Besides the usual ‘dress well, listen to her, make her curious’ rules of impressing women, what are the hacks that smooth operators practise to make women swoon after them? How do some men effortlessly sweep women off their feet? What is that skill that all the players and James Bonds of this world possess? We bring you 10 psychological hacks that will make her fall for you.

1. When you meet her for the first time, choose an experience that is overwhelming, like watching a brilliant movie, or a visit to a fun park. The human mind forms associations with memories. In this case, the girl is likely to associate her overwhelming and heart-racing experience with you. Yes, you literally made her heart skip a beat. And she is gonna want to relive that experience with you. Way to confirm a second date.


2. Play the part of a cassanova throughout your interaction with her, and just once in a while make an overtly soppy and sweet gesture. This will make you look adorable without losing out on your sex appeal. She’ll be infatuated with your carefree flirtatious attitude but she’ll fall for you when she sees a sensitive little heart behind all that rakishness. It’ll confuse her; it’ll make her curious, it’ll make her want to explore you.


3. Exhibit your skills in the most subtle non-bragging way. Women love men with skills. You play a musical instrument, can sing, are great at a sport, write poetry, anything that counts as an impressive skill. Arrange for your date in such a setting that allows your skill to be revealed. For example, if you can play the guitar, make a bonfire picnic plan with friends and invite her. If you croon, take her to a karaoke night and let her force you to sing with her. Whatever you do, do it in the most non-chalant way.


4. Taunt her, tease her, challenge her. Give her something to get back at you, in jest of course. Disagree with her on little insignificant things. (Don’t, absolutely don’t do this when she is talking about her passions or beliefs). This will tell her she doesn’t have you on the hook yet, and she sees a challenge – which all women love. You are the guy who keeps her on the edge; you excite her. This is one sureshot way to always evade the friendzone.


5. Touch her gently. Of course, don’t graze your hand against her thigh now, if you genuinely want her to like you. While walking, put your hand behind her back ever so gently. Arouse her just enough to make her want you. Don’t go overboard with it – there’s a thin line between a harmless sensual touch and an uncomfortable touch that shouts pervert.


6. If you are a good judge of character, take some time to understand the woman you are interested in. Observe her, the way she speaks, the things she likes, the things that make her upset, the way she talks, what her friends are like – figure out her Achilles heel, her biggest insecurity or fear, the thing she has probably not even revealed to her friends. And then voila, tell her about it, but in the most gentle and subtle manner. Tell her you know her biggest insecurity and you understand her. You are suddenly her sole confidante, her BFF soulmate – don’t worry, this will not put you in the friendzone; this will give you a place in her heart.
7.Look at her lips and eyes every now and then. Now there are certain safe zones where you can direct your gaze at and silently impress her. The eyes and the lips. Looking into the eyes signifies you want to get to know her and are intrigued by her. Glancing at the lips is a simple yet powerful arousal tactic that screams you want to kiss her.


8. Make it clear to her you want to be with her but for some reason, it is not meant to be. Like you are struggling against destiny to be with her. As we said, women love a good challenge.
9. Create mystery. Intrigue her. Choose to keep some things from her. Don’t be too talkative about your personal life initially. Hide a certain part of your life from her, of course, to later reveal it accidentally.


10. Act shy. Women love this type. Now this doesn’t mean you act like a timid socially awkward person, no! That will completely turn her off. You do need to show you are in control of yourself and hold the ability to speak your mind in a social situation. So the trick is to act shy in certain situations. Like when someone compliments you, you act humble. When other girls flirt with you in a party, act embarrassed.

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