An Open Letter To ”Feminists”

September 8, 2017

Dear feminists, Do you even know why you are a feminist, do you know what the movement stands for, do you think you have what it takes to be a feminist? Have you answered this question truthfully to yourself? If you have, ...


The Soul Series: Lead Like A Woman

August 23, 2017

   'How to Lead Like A Woman' As a woman, discovering your unique feminine power is a better route to success and the unveiling of your womanly potentials. In this series, I will be laying emphasis on the 'WONDER WOMAN'. From observation, a lot ...


7 New Features That Will Stand The iOS 11 Apart

August 14, 2017

Apple has been tweaking the iOS 11 experience on the iPhone 8 and it is expected to bring forth a number of features that will enhance the smartphone in various ways. The open beta for the iPad has made the ...


8 Silly Reasons Why People In Nigeria Get Married

August 10, 2017

There's absolutely no wrong with getting married. Marriage is a personal choice. But whats disturbing is how we look at marriage especially in Nigeria. Yes, we Nigerians are obsessed with marriage and for all the wrongs reasons. This only goes ...


5 Things You Should Be Doing In Your Twenties Instead Of Trying To Find ‘Love’

August 7, 2017

Nobody can ever understand love completely. Its effect differs from people to people. It makes some people grow and it ruins some forever. The only one thing you need to know about love is that it happens when you're least ...


African Art Still Remains In High Demand In Foreign Markets

July 26, 2017

Amid strong demand and skyrocketing prices, contemporary African art is increasingly attracting the attention of investors worldwide. This is a testament that testifies that African artists have blossomed on the international markets. British auction house Bonhams has seen average lot prices ...